Manifest Hope & Unconventional '08
Review of my people-powered journey to mix the DNC (Denver 2008)

Finally getting around to writing a little follow up on MANIFEST HOPE and UNCONVENTIONAL '08, at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. First and foremost, sending some love to, Shepard Fairey, and Evolutionary Media Group for having me as the resident DJ for these amazing shows. Massive amounts of gratitude for all who bought a mix CD and/or pitched in extra at Afro Funké to help fund the trip!

MANIFEST HOPE was a huge group art show featuring Shepard Fairey, David Choe, Sam Flores, Ron English and my good friend Ray Noland (aka C.R.O.). Ray's been traveling the country literally non-stop, planning each leg of the tour as he goes, collaborating with galleries in every major city that would promote and host his one-man art show.

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