[REVIEW] KCRW's "RadioActive" fundraiser - 4/11/09 @ The Park Plaza Hotel.

A big BIG "Thank YOOO" to all who came out and got downer than down at KCRW's massive "RadioActive" fundraiser on my (b)earthday - Saturday, April 11th 2009.

"WOW" is too small a word to express this evening, with nearly 2400 beautiful folks packed into the majestic Park Plaza Hotel. 4 huge ballrooms, all KCRW DJs, plenty drinks and great music. I got to meet and talk to an early idol of mine (Tony Alva), hang with Anne Litt, Jason Bentley, Michael Barnes, Rachel Reynolds and all other fellow KCRW family before heading to the ballroom where my set would be.

AARON BYRD got our room sparked perfectly, then MATHIEU SCHREYER jumped on as the crowd filled in. I went on at 11pm - the room was bumping and the energy was kinetic. Halfway through my set I had TODD SIMON and DAN "CONNIE PRICE" UBICK jump in on trumpet and guitar/bass, respectively. We had a blast jumping from dubbed-out uptempo Balkan remixes to Latin beats and such - and ended the set with an original tune ("Skalypso Vamp") from our "MUSAICS" recording project. I threw in the track on Serato - Todd knows the horn lines I wrote, Ubick (who normally plays guitar on this one) was on bass so I hopped on guitar.

Before GARTH TRINIDAD jumped on to knock it out of the park, he announced to the whole room (about 700 heads) that my pops and brother were in attendance, and then had everyone join in on the biggest "happy birthday" that I ever received. Even though my face was as red as my shirt, it was definitely a special future memory.

(Photos by, LA Weekly, Salvador Farfan & Gary Leonard)

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