Martin Luther & Cody Chesnutt

On friday, August 21st I deejayed an evening with Martin Luther, who has been co-performing with Cody Chesnutt - where Cody can work out some new tunes for his forthcoming album. I mixed many of Cody's first LA shows, and he has "it". You know... "it"; the Spirit. It didn't take long for the world to feel it too, and after lending and re-making his tune "The Seed" with The Roots, he was set to shoot to the top. Instead, Cody left the insincerity of Hollywood to keep his message pure from infection.
It was great to hear him and Martin Luther again that night, after so long. Both are top-notch singers, writers and showmen - folks with that kind of Soul that makes the audience completely disregard whether it's "their" kind of music or not. It penetrates your heart and makes your blood pump on beat. Here's a video of Cody singing in the crowd that evening...

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