KCRW Presents Fat Freddy's Drop,
The Lions, and yours truly.

Much love to all who completely sold out The Roxy Theatre on 11/20/09. It was an epic night to say the least, and I was honored to host and deejay the affair. 15 minutes after the doors opened, the spot was packed and grooving to my opening set. The Lions went on shortly after, and did what could have just as well been a showstopping headlining set. Then my man Todd Simon came up to the deejay booth to play trumpet over my set with me. I mixed for over an hour, dubbing out Todd's horn, heavy-like. I never went faster than 90 BPM the whole time, slow and steady, keeping the capacity crowd churning like syrup.

By the time I was about to introduce New Zealand's Fat Freddy's Drop, the place erupted in a thick cloud of cheer and smoke, and the ritual was underway. FFD exceeded every expectation in the room, and left a future memory on us all.

L to R: Ta'Raach, Joe Lindsay (FFD Trombonist), Aaron Byrd (KCRW), Jeremy Sole

...All this after losing their WHOLE TRAILER OF GEAR on the road down from San Francisco, only to backtrack a few miles to find that it had rolled off the side of a hill and shredded like tin foil on the intersection below. Every instrument case was demolished, but miraculously, the only instrument that was destroyed was the baritone sax. An expensive piece of gear, but they were grateful the rest was fine. They spent alot replacing all the cases, rented a few things, and made it to The Roxy in time to blow our little minds!

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