Colombia: ¡first day of Petronio Alvarez!

re-cap of Wednesday; It was the day before his set at the competition and although he stays calm and focused, I could tell Will (Quantic) had a lot on his mind. He stayed home to rest after a full day of press, meetings and band rehearsal. 
I had to leave Cali much earlier than I would have liked, so with a little help from my friend Sabo, my last day felt like a whole weekend squeezed into 24 hours. Hitting one last record spot, going to the opening night of Petronio Alvarez (!), start drinking Viche, afterparty at Mikasa, even more Viche, and an after-afterparty on a beautiful penthouse overlooking the entire valley. Taxi to the hotel, grabbed the bags and hit the airport.
By the time I landed at LAX, Quantic & his Combo Bárbaro would be getting ready to compete at Petronio - which takes place in a huge bullfighting ring. The stands would be packed and the spirit of Colombia would be raging through the arena. Mochilla (B+ and Coleman) documented the final day. Stay tuned to for the full audio/photo essay of QUANTIC AT PETRONIO ALVAREZ 2010.

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