Notes from Colombia: Quantic @ Petronio (day 1)

Day one in Cali, Colombia con my man Will 'Quantic', his lovely wife Ariana and the Combo. Just a quick note to pass along a few photos of the beautiful hotel ( and Will's place. 

El Combo Barbaro had their first rehearsal last night. Thursday at 9pm their perform, or COMPETE rather, in the annual Petronio Alvarez colombian music competition. There's a category for more tradition folkloric styles, a few other regional sections, and then the "other" category, which Quantic & His Combo Barbaro are entering, along with some local favorites like ChocQuibTown.

I'll write back again, but tomorrow the festival starts, so after soundcheck and a few empty bottles of viche (a Colombian favorite not unlike Aguardiente), anything can happen. I miss my woman so I can keep eyeballs in my head, but for the record it's true what they say; "Las caleñas Son Como Las Flores" (¡!)


Anne Elizabeth Carmack said...

love this post! tell us more!

ErvinArana said...

Super dope brotha!